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Beginning in 1971, Ruzic Construction has evolved with the times to become "one of the little giants" in the Wisconsin bridge building industry.

After working 11 years on heavy construction for a firm in Milwaukee, Gary Ruzic started Ruzic Construction by entering the business of home construction with a pick up truck, a wheel barrow, some concrete forms built out of 2x4's and plywood, a couple of helpers and a lot of ideas.

Home basements were the foundation, soon followed by sidewalks and barn floors. By the mid-seventies, Ruzic employed nine employees.

In 1975 Ruzic Construction built its first bridge over the Popple River in Green Grove Township on Old Hwy P, finishing a project another contractor didn't have the manpower to finish.

In 1976, Ruzic Construction began building bridges for the State of Wisconsin with an old truck crane with a 30-ton lifting capacity and a backhoe. By 1980, Ruzic employed 15 people.

Today Ruzic Construction has four bridge crews, a box culvert crew, a stripping crew, an excavation crew and employs 35 people. Ruzic Construction has grown to specialize in concrete slab bridges, prestressed bridges, box culverts, piledriving, piers & docks, snowmobile bridges and salt storage buildings.

Ruzic Construction today is a multi-million dollar bridge building business with employees that have been with Ruzic Construction for more than 25 years!

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